Reach 8 Dredge and Fill Project

Reach 8 2014-2015

Read preliminary comments to the Town of Palm Beach regarding the Southern Palm Beach Island Comprehensive Shoreline Stabilization Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The Surfrider Foundation will be submitting formal comments to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. [Reach 8 EIS Letter from Surfrider Foundation]

Town of Palm Beach – Program Details for Reach 8


Reach 8 Campaign Victory

Reach 8 Victory - Town of Palm Beach

Reach 8 – Town of Palm Beach’s Proposed Dredge & Fill:

The Town of Palm Beach is was seeking a permit from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for the Reach 8 Dredge and Fill Project (from approximately the Par 3 Golf Course in Palm Beach, to about one third mile south of the Lake Worth Pier). Surfrider Foundation asserted that the proposed Reach 8 Project carries serious negative impact, including:

  • Degradation of near-shore and off-shore reef
  • Potentially increasing risk of shark attacks because of turbidity
  • Harm to wildlife, including sea turtles and their nesting areas
  • Ruining surf spots, and fishing and diving areas
  • Covering our beaches with silty, fine or coarse, gray fill

Reach 8 Case – Consolidated Final Order from Administrative Law Judge:

Dredge & Fill Projects Like Reach 8 Don’t Work

Reach 8 would have been a waste of taxpayer dollars in the millions because these projects don’t work and require frequent maintenance. Poor quality fill easily washes away. Distant Tropical Storm Andrea illustrated how the use of poor quality dredged material is ill-advised.

Reach 8 Victory!Two examples were:

(1) The washed-away 2006 dredge and fill project by the Town of Palm Beach at Reach 7 (Phipps Park to the Par Three Golf Course);

(2) The washed away 2006 dune restoration project by the Town (within Reach 8), which was constructed of 6,000 truckloads of the same poor quality dredged material and caused increased unmitigated impacts to nearshore hard bottom in Reach 8.

Surfrider Foundation would posit that a false sense of security is being given to coastal residents who allow poor material to “protect” their property.

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